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Scripture: Acts 2.37-47

Title of the message - What should a Sermon do?

Many of us go to church and listen to sermons, some good, some bad,

some indifferent

Do you ever ask your self what should a sermon do?

One of the greatest sermons ever preached was by Peter on the day of


We ought to expect a sermon from the word of God to

Disturb - The Bible says "the entrance of Thy words giveth light'. and Light

can be disturbing

The Light of Gods truth can disturb, our thinking, the Light of Gods Holiness can disturb our living What is important is our response to the breaking in of this light.

What disturbs us is the need to act. The people cried out what shall

we do?  Many of us don't want to do anything,

(Preacher I'm content on How I am)

The coming in of the Light brings with it a challenge to action.

(James 1:22-25)

The Preaching of the Word of God not only disturbs but it will also

Direct - Peter told them in Acts 2. 37-47. "Repent and receive"

No one was left in doubt as to what they were to do. Sermons that are so deep that they are hard to understand, are really only muddy. The Preaching of the Word of God also,

Divides - The response of some was rejection, (Peter calls them 'this untoward

generation', which means a turning off, a turning aside from the truth of God

The response of some was 'They that gladly received His word' and

when it is good news you will gladly receive it...


What should a sermon do?